Brand New Quality and Affordable Generators for Sale

Brand new quality and affordable generators(PERKINS) for all purposes and budget available at NYERHOVWO (NY) JMG GENERATORS.

Below are the brands, KVA.

Kva(Perkins) Brand.

9kva. Fgwilson.
13kva. Fgwilson.
16kva. Fgwilson.
22kva. Fgwilson.
27kva. Fgwilson.
40kva. Fgwilson.
60kva. Fgwilson.
80kva. Fgwilson.
100kva. Fgwilson.
135kva. Fgwilson.
150kva. Fgwilson.
180kva. Fgwilson.
200kva. Fgwilson.
250kva Fgwilson.
300kva. Fgwilson.
350kva. Fgwilson.
500kva. Fgwilson.
600kva. Fgwilson.
800kva. Fgwilson.
1000kva. Fgwilson.
1250kva. Fgwilson.
1500kva. Fgwilson.
2000kva. Fgwilson.

Prices are affordable. Delivery and Commissioning of the generators is within and outside Lagos State.

Also available are,  lifts for high rise buildings and sky scrappers.

For more information and prices, call or whatsapp . 08138839207, 07084314523.

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